saina history


SAINA FOOD PART as the largest producer of Soya Milk in the Middle East started its activities in November 2014 by aiming at producing Soy Milk under “Mandasoy” Brand based on several years of studies by using modern world technology in producing Ultra Heat (UHT) plain Soymilk and Flavored Soymilk products in tetra pack and free from preservatives.



We have introduced Soymilk in eight flavors (plain,classic , strawberry, coffee, cacao, banana, vanilla and cantaloupe) to fit the Iranian tastes.
Compared to the imported products in the Iranian market, our products have suitable price, better variety in flavor and quality. Soybean is the most important substance in our products.
Owing to the efforts of our R&D group and after examining the   beans from the best farms from various places of our country have been chosen. The soybean we use have lower fat than ordinary beans and have high protein contents  to guaranty the advantages of soymilk on consumers’ health.
High production capacity  in quantity and quality, benefitting from skillful experts in foods industries, service of dynamic R&D unit, well equipped quality control labs, collaboration of quality, production and technical  experts and consultant, interaction with prestigious Swedish and Canadian companies, national distribution network and suitable local and foreign target markets are among our competitive advantages and we have  been working with all our capability to present consumers with first class products in accordance with global standards.

certificates and Permissions

National Iranian Standard award and permits of Department for the Supervision on Foodstuffs, receipt of ISO9001, HACCP and ISO22000 certificates from TUV NORD  issuers, receipt of HELAL International Award from Helal Global Institute and the Center of Research and Information of Islamic Chamber are evidences of our strong will in presenting high quality products and supplying product by observing all safety issues foodstuffs.
The Persian Gulf States, South Asian countries, Pakistan and Iraq are among importers of our products.
Soya textured protein and soya flour are among our other products which are presented in household and industrial packaging. The soya protein sheets or textured soya protein (TSP) and soya flour are produced in cold press process for the first time in Iran and unlike similar products in the market, no Hexane solvent is used and the consumer’s health is guaranteed.
Soya flour is extracted from soya beans after airing, skinning, oil extraction and ultimately grinding the soya beans.  Soya powered milk that contains the quality and properties of soymilk are another product of soya milk.   Highlights of our policies o foodstuffs quality and safety: Meeting the customers’ demands and anticipations, increasing their satisfaction, improving the foodstuffs safety through effective execution of plans, following the requirements of ISO22000, developing products that fit the consumers’ tastes, increase in sale of high quality produces and optimized use of resources (substances energy, natural resources),  and reducing wastes.
 By establishing necessary communications and developing measurable goals for supporting policies, management of SAINA FOOD PART obliged itself and requires its personnel to move towards realization of those goals through observing legal and governmental requisites and customer’s demand.
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