soya coffee

soya coffee

soya coffee


benefits soya coffee

  • ۱۰۰% plant-based
  • suitable source of high quality soya protein
  • Easy digestion due to lack of lactose
  • Reducing cardiovascular disease due to lack of cholesterol
  • Help reduce anemia due to the richness of iron
  • Avoid all types of cancers due to isoflavones
  • Helps to lose weight due to high fiber content
  • Preventing osteoporosis and enhancing bone mass due to the high calcium content
  • Strengthen and reduce menopausal symptoms due to herbal estrogens


Soy milk (made from whole grains of soy), sugar, coffee powder,calcium lactate, salt



Tetra pak 1000ml

This product is especially rich in calcium, which plays an important role in bone growth
Table of nutritional values ​​for a glass(250ml)
۱۳۱٫۱ kcal
total fat
۴ g
total carbohydrate
۱۷٫۰۲ g
۱۳٫۲۵ g
۶٫۷۵ g
۱۰۰ mg
Saturated fatty acids
۰٫۳۷ g
Trans fatty acids
Sodium salt
۰٫۲۵ g
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